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Overall Wellness

Acupuncture not only treats deblitating diseases, but can also help optimize your body's organ systems, so that each organ works well individually, and are also in sync with the rest of the body. Acupuncture treatment can be taken as a preventative measure to guard against potential illnesses that may otherwise arise later in life.

Many people believe that they are completely healthy when they are free from major sickness. However, that is often not the case. The body may not be performing at peak efficiency because the major organ systems are not working together in harmony. When the body continues to function out-of-sync for a prolonged period, the organ systems will weaken and eventually break down, leading to more serious health problems which are much harder to treat.

At Elizabeth Wang Acupuncture, we believe that prevention is the best cure for disease. Like a luxury sports car, the body works best with routine maintenance and fine-tuning. Therefore, we encourage everybody to come in for a quick check-up even if you are feeling well. Our check-up usually involves the examination of the pulse, tongue, and ears to identifiy any weaknesses that may exist.

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